Geer van Velde

The Netherlands 1898 - France 1977
Early life[edit source]
Van Velde was the second son of Willem Adriaan van Velde, then owner of a small case of inland waterway transport fuelwood and charcoal on the Rhine and Hendrika Catharina von der Voorst, illegitimate daughter of an earl. Catharina and her four children (Neeltje, Bram, Geer, and Jacoba) were abandoned by Willem Adriaan after the bankruptcy of his business, leaving them in misery. Moving a lot, they eventually moved to The Hague in 1903. In 1910 at the age of twelve, Geer became an apprentice designer in the firm with Schaijk & Eduard H. Kramers. Kramers encouraged Geer to develop his interest in painting, as he did with his brother Bram van Velde.

Geer van Velde was born in Lisse (the Netherlands) in 1898, he died
near Paris in Cachan, in 1977.
Brother of painter Bram van Velde.
Geer van Velde left for Paris in 1925 to joint his brother Bram.
Important artist, especially his abstract works.
He won the first prize in the Biennale de Menton in 1951.
Geer van Velde belongs to the Ecole de Paris.
Works in possession of various Dutch museums and collections.

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