H.W. Mesdag

The Netherlands 1831 - 1915
Hendrik Willem Mesdag was born in Groningen 1831
and died in The Hague 1915.
At first H.W. Mesdag worked in the bankinghouse of
his father in Groningen. During that time he got
paintinginstructions of C.B. Buys and J.H. Egenberger.
When H.W. Mesdag had painting lessons from
W. Roelofs he decided to be a fulltime painter.
He also got instructions from L. Alma Tadema.
After 1868 he choose to live near the seaside in
Scheveningen (near The Hague).
H.W. Mesdag, very important painter of the sea and
ships. He also painted portraits and town views.
He donated his collection to the government. The
collection is in the Rijksmuseum Mesdag in The Hague
where also the famous "Panorama van Mesdag" is.
Works of H.W. Mesdag in all big Dutch Museums

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