Jan Rijlaarsdam

The Netherlands 1911 - 2008
Jan Rijlaarsdam, born March 2nd, 1911 in Nieuwkoop,
Holland, he died in 2008.
Student of A.G. Hulshof Pol, a wellknown painter and
art teacher 1883-1957. He is mostly self taught.
Rijlaarsdam received a Royal allowance.
Painter of towns, figures, factories and industrial sides
at the border of the cities. Jan Rijlaarsdam painted in a
figurative style.
Member of St. Lucas, an art society in Amsterdam,
The Gooise Art Society and the Society of Figurative
Art in Hilversum (Vereniging van Beeldende Kunst).
Works by Rijlaarsdam in possession of the Singer
Museum in Laren.

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