Spanish Dancer

Spanish Dancer
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Spain and Spanish dancers is a recurring theme in the work of Isaac Israels. In August 1889, during the World Exhibition, he travels with French Erens, literary and good friend to Paris. The nicest thing I've seen in those days of this kind of performances, the Spanish gypsy dances were. There was the beautiful young Soledad, which flew back and forth across the stage with such grace and lightness that through words almost can not be given again.
Five years later, taking Joseph and Isaac Israel and French Erens a long trip to Spain. Joseph writes a report, a trip to Spain. French Erens writes in his memoirs (Vervlo-
gen s) to Isaac Israels speaking fluent Spanish and it also feels very attracted to the country and its dances. Isaac Israels has repeatedly painted a Spanish dancer in the years 1916-1918. The one time she stands on the balcony of the studio, then lying on a sofa. This painting shows a seated Spanish beauty. She sits on a chair at the large fireplace in the studio. Waiting to be portrayed or is this done?
Bygone years, French Erens, worried by Harry G. M. Prick, Publisher Workers Press, 1989

20th century
Oil on canvas
Lower right Isaac Israels
56 x 75 cm

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