In the Sewing Room

In the Sewing Room
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This large pastel is on the table shows a man; an exception in the work of Isaac Israels. He paints almost always sewing workshops with a number of women around a table. On the table are pieces of cloth to be embroidered with thread or lov- ertjes or which tires are being put. Until 1900 the tailors winery was a male profession. Around that time will change that. Young girls between thirteen and fifteen years, many better places embroidery stabbing with their slender fingers (and receive lower wages than their male counterparts).
What's here? On the table are patterns that again are precisely drawn by the cutter and the two women. Then these patterns by the cutter on a pile fabric with possible help of cutters, cut to size. The cut sto and then go from one to the other. The final result depends weeks later in a fitting room and then passionately showed the honorable clientele.
Atelier Girls: a vanished profession, Peter Paul de Baar,, 2004.

Isaac Israels Mannequins and Fashion, Hans te Nijenhuis and Ietse Meij, 2002 Gemeentemuseum. On page 138 is shown a similar study in black chalk.

50 x 60 cm

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