Portrait of a lady with red lips

Portrait of a lady with red lips
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Victor Arnautoff
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Self-portrait. 1941.
Victor Arnautoff (b. Russia 1896 - d. Leningrad, March 22, 1979) was an American artist, and professor of art at Stanford University.
During the WWI he served as Cavalry officer in Russian army. During the Russian civil war he served in the antibolshevik army of Admiral Kolchak in Siberia and escaped to Manchuria at the end of civil war.
Arnautoff lived in China from 1920 to 1925. He moved to US in 1925 and settled in California. He enrolled at the California School of Fine Arts where he studied sculpture with Ralph Stackpole and painting with Edgar Walters.
Arnautoff worked with over 20 other artists, including Bernard Zakheim, on the Coit Tower murals, as part of the New Deal’s Public Works Art Program.[1] Arnautoff had worked with Diego Rivera in Mexico in 1930 and 1931.[2] He later became a mentor to Richard Diebenkorn.[3]
Besides Coit Tower, Arnautoff's murals can be found in The Presidio in San Francisco,[4] at San Francisco's George Washington High School, a number of California and Texas post offices,[5] Palo Alto,[6] and (after his return to the Soviet Union) Zhdanov, Ukraine.[1]
Arnautoff also worked in portraiture and still life.[7
Private collection
20st century
Watercolor on paper
27 x 39 cm

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